Tires and such


Gord Souter

I have found that 165 Radial tires look a little small on Amphicars
and 155-Radials look a way to small.
185-80 radials look the best but are wider and can rub on shocks, brake
lines etc.
a spacer is needed.
Winter Xmas special....Tonna covers in white...$125.00.. tell you partners
that would be a good gift!
Interior kits... have a grey kit. Tangerine kit..and a custom light blue kit
in stock.. this blue is an exact match to the blue cars..
I have just acquired 38 yards of a real nice yellow too.. a little brighter
that the original dull yellow.
Had a phone call from a fellow last night who's father just handed him down
a couple of Amphicars and bunch of spare parts..Wants me to look them over
this week.Only 1 hr away.You never know what out there do you!
Gord Souter,Canadian 4 amphs,..............check my web at

L3V 6H4

MY new phone # is 1 705 327 2820

I buy, sell and restore Only Amphicars
over 700 different parts for sale.
BRAKE SHOES that stop!
Beautiful Interior kits and fibreglass panels my specialty!

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