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Larry & Nancy Solheim

Found an older alignment shop in town that still had a "Hunter" that would adjust for Amphi's narrow width. Turned out the tow-in was 1" too much! Camber & caster were fine. And I've been driving this car since 1993, towing (and driving) since 2002! It always drove well, albeit a bit "loose" at 55 and faster w/ more than 14# in the bias tires and 24# in the radials. Wehad tire wear early on, but I figured it was just due to the bias-belted tires. I was quite surprised when the new (read that as expensive) Diamondback Classics also wore prematurely. Now I have the wide whites on the rear and some $35 thin whites on the front as pennance for my foolishness. I'll keep it this way until I'm sure the wear issue is actually solved.Running 28# in the new tires and she feels quite solid. A
cross-section of the wear would show the tires were worn almost trapazoidal, larger OD on the inside smaller on the outside. Surprisingly (to me) there was no cupping or obvious scuffing, but running your hand over the tread from outside to inside it felt smooth, dragging your hand from inside to outside you could feel the sharp edges on the outside edges of the tread grooves where the rubber was pushed over when rolling. Enjoyed the time spend crawling around w/ the alignment guy. The long rod was a tough adjust. I certainly know a lot more about suspension geometry than I knew before. I should get another 5mph or so at top end, now that the wheels are rolling straight and not sideways! That's my report. --Larry

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