Tire straps



I think you looked at mine at the parking lot. I will get the manufacture off
the straps when I get home from work later and I will let you know. Tim Wick

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If memory serves, I saw some
pretty impressive Amphi towing
rigs in Celina. I have finally
taken the plunge (pun intended)
and now co-own a trailer. We
are now in the process of doing
all the customization goodies
to make it Amphi friendly. In
so doing we want to do the tire
strap down thing rather than the
spider web of straps under Amphi.
I saw some really nice adjustable
heavy duty straps (yellow 2" wide)
in Celina and would be most very
grateful to know of the manufacturer
& model number. Imagine my 1969
Olds convertible towing my 1964
Amphi on a duel axle trailer with
my Mermaid wife following me in
her 1968 Jaguar XKE. Thanks to
all who offer suggestions.
Be well, swim safe.

San Diego, CA


--- In amphicar-lovers@y..., "amphipoda" <Amphipoda@y...> wrote:
> If memory serves,
> I saw some really nice adjustable
> heavy duty straps (yellow 2" wide)
> in Celina and would be most very
> grateful to know of the manufacturer
> & model number.
> Amphipoda~
> San Diego, CA

Any good size Truck Stop will have them (T/A, Flying J, etc...) you
can also find them at any Tractor Supply Company. Our trailer
(custom modified thanks to Bill Syx) has wheel stops with guides, 8
hinged D rings (2 for each wheel strap) and then 2 U-bolts on deck
directly beneath the prop shafts for fail-safe chains that are each
loosely looped around their respective shafts (between hull and
support bracket)

Without making this sound confusing, Billy actually used 2 large U-
bolts in place of the 2 forward most D rings to allow higher
clearance for the front tire straps to properly clear the wooden tire

My amphi will not be comming off my trailer, even if I go thru

Chris Skeeles

Chris Skeeles


--- amphipoda <Amphipoda@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I saw some really nice adjustable
> heavy duty straps (yellow 2" wide)....
> Amphipoda~
> San Diego, CA

I've had mine for over a year. They are the 2 inch
wide, yellow straps- very heavy duty with good size
hooks. They were $29.87 each with no shipping charge.
Item number: TTD2YSH7S. I can't remember the name of
the company but the number is 1-800-762-3370 and this
is the actual manufacturer- no middleman.
Greg Z.


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Steve Behnke


Get the wheel tie downs with the snap hook ends instead of just hooks on
the ends. In the chance they ever loosen up they will not come off when
you hit a bump while towing.

I use the same tie down setup you are considering.

Steve Behnke
64 Red
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