tire pressure and fuel gauge .

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  1. zboat01@yahoo.com

    When I drive faster than about 45 it seems that the steering gets a
    little squirrley.I never have put the spare in the car(because it seems
    this will take away some of its floatability-and I think it needs all
    it can get).now I read in the manual that the pressure in the front
    tires should be 14 psi.Is this still recommended?I have new 650
    radials.You may have noticed the smile on my face-it got there because
    I now have a negative ground alternator system AND the fuel gauge also
    works. it was kinda tricky but I figured it would be better to try
    to get it to work than to have it just sitting there.Any one interested
    in this procedure?Let me know.
  2. Moses Scott Civ 22 LG

    I'd love a copy of the procedures to fix the stock fuel gauge. As for
    the tire pressure. I have 35 PSI all the way around, and as little as 5
    PSI difference in the right rear will cause the car to want to pull from
    side to side.

    As I'm sure the Bilgemaster will quickly point out, READ THE ARCHIVES.
    There has been lots of discussion and discovery on the subject of

    Scott Moses

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