Tip on how to test an amphicar for leaks

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The fun is back in the Amphi World! Where is Arnold Hites pic in the pool? This could become the cool pool thread.


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Nope wont work... no waves to spach on rear,, the last car I took to lake, the waves hit the rear and water came in around rear tail lights(owner installed Gordon Import replacements, anyone else have trouble trying to get lens to fit.. yeuckkkkk)
same goes for front,, do a Ron T splash in lake to test for front hood leaks.
Great Pic. thou.
I just might buy a pool just to do that..
I live very close to a few lakes with great sany shallow aproches, I go out till car is just about to float with no rear hood or rear interior and inspect. then I jump out of car and look all over, open front hood etc, when satisfied,, I give it a good test spin.. Peope in area see different coloured cars almost weekly. must confuse them.. one guy in a car followed me (stayed on Land) and yelled out are you all right, as car was not moving and Im over the engine area>>

John Howland

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New taillight seals are terrible! They look the way they should but try to put them on. I sent back 2 sets and replacement I got were just as bad. They arent big enough and dont stretch enough to go around entire lens chrome ring.


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Hi Guys,

This is a materials issue from a provider to Gordon's. I ran into this some time ago and complained to Gordon's. The plastic/rubber that was used has shrunk too much to use. If I recall this was a problem with the white/gray ones and I switched them for the black ones, which were of a more recent production, and they fit okay. I compared the non-fitting one with an original NOS Amphicar one and it was nowhere close to the original size. Problems like these are all too common when dealing with reproduction rubber parts. I suspect that those shrunken ones were fine when they were first produced but the material dried and shrank while in stock. I only wish Hugh would act on such complaints more promptly and not put more people through this struggle. Call Gordon's and talk to Scott. I'm sure he'll remember the complaining I did, about a year and a half ago, and will switch them for something that works, but you might have to change the color to get ones that fit.

John Friese
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I heard that you can just put hose in the back and 'fill'er up' and see if anything leaks 'out'! No?

PS .... LOVE that photo though!