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Tip of the day


Ken Chambers

Water throttle replacement T-handle.

My T-handle was no longer, so a rather easy fix was to replace it with a white
porcelain T-handle drawer pull. (In this case a Liberty Hardware #3135, $1.97
at Home Depot.) The knob looks rather nice except it's a bit shinier than the

Modifications were as follows: Progressively drill out the 8-32 thread in the
brass insert and retap a 10-32 thread. Chase the threads on the locking cable
end with a 10-32 die (can be done on the car). Epoxy the knob on the shaft.

I settled for the plain white version, but given the enormous selection of
designer drawer and cabinet knobs available, you're limited only by your
imagination on how you'd like to begin customizing the interior of your Amphi.

Ken Chambers, CA
'64 Amphi

PS: I wanted to say thanks to Eric Mattlin and his young son Nick, Dave Derer
and Mike Echemann for the Rock River swim-in a week before Celina. It was great
to get together with some Amphicar folks during my visit to the Chicago area. I
only wish I could have stuck around longer to attend the big convention. Wonder
how many Amphicars can fit in one of those enclosed big rig auto transport
trailers to get cars from the west coast out to Ohio? Just a thought...