Time and energy


Dave Derer

Never enough time. I have to rely on others at times to get work done.
Usually all goes reasonably well. Then bang! Something happens and it
all goes to shit. I nearly had to load gun for my engine rebuilder but
did not. Then the second rebuilder really needed a shot to the head. At
same time my painter decided to "go south" . My part timer hurt his
back. A big bowl of %&^ came out and screwed up some home improvements.
Then My "rebuilt" hot rod motor blows and "Guess what?" Rebuilt? not
this year or last. On the plus side, I now have a finicky perfectionist
type to do engines, yes he is twice the price and worth it. I have
enlisted an old friend to help with paint and looking forward to next
job. Stress sucks! I need to get past these next two Amphis then I am
heading South for a week in Miami! I do not care what Margie says!!!!!
Later Dave the Way To Busy Wave