Throwing candy at parades.



In the past I was one of the many who thought that tossing candy out
on the parade route was harmless fun. Today has changed that in a
graphic way for me. I was in a parade today where a 9 year old boy was
ran over by a large JD tractor when he ran up to pick up candy tossed
to the crowd. He ran up close to the tractor and while turning around,
he slipped and fell under the rear wheel. It went over his midsection.
As it turns out, the concensus is that he will recover fully with some
bruises and cuts. We thought he was dead as no movement or sounds came
from him at all.

This could have been a very tragic accident. I had several people tell
me today I didn't wave back at them. That is because I was focusing on
all the children and where they were. I don't want to be the one who
injures a child so no thoughts of tossing candy out to the crowd from

John Bevins
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