Thousands of Amphicar Master Cylinders driving past my house...


David Chapman

What is claimed to be the worlds biggest gathering of VW vans is being held
2 miles from here this weekend, there are loads of the things bumbling
through my town, the organisers are expecting over 5000 of them ! Some
people are travelling from the US and of course Aus and NZ.

For those at Celina, remember how much work went into getting 50 or so
Amphicars into a semi circle for an aerial photograph ? Well these guys
arranged 494 Microbuses in to the shape of a Microbus ! Amazing photo here

I'm going to try and go there tomorrow to see if I can find anything useful
and Amphicar related on the trade stands !

David Chapman in the UK

Ina Cabanas

Thanks for sharing that picture of all the VW vans. It was beautiful. I
can't even imagine organizing a feat like that.

Ina in the Boro

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