Thoughts on no start


Arnold Hite


I see lots of great advise about tracing the fault on your starter
problem. I have had the same problem on my car for several years.
Years ago I attempted to find the problem. After a few hours with no
luck, I decided to live with it. Usually my starter works normally.
But, about one time in twenty, I get the click you hear with no starter
motor noise. I have always assumed it was a dead spot in the starter
motor, and I was just unlucky finding that spot in line with some
internal electrical connection . In those early years I would get out
and push start the car. Finally, after a few push starts over the first
year or two, I decided to just continue turning the key over. This
works reasonably well. Within about ten attempts, the starter motor
will engage, and everything is back to normal. I suppose when it gets
so bad that I'm out pushing again, I will pull up yesterday's list serve
and trace out my problem.

Good Luck,
Johns Island, SC

>Message: 2
> Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 06:24:07 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Mike Israel <>
>Subject: Thoughts on No Start?
>Hi all,
>My latest is what appears to be no power to the
>starter. Any thoughts on diagnosing or fixing would
>be appreciated.