Thoughts on moving Celina



Thoughts on moving Celina

Perhaps someone on the prior IAOC Board can offer a bit of historical
perspective to help put this issue into better light. From my humble
perspective Celina has become a tradition, a legacy if you will, and
it is now in its 12th year. For a variety of reasons member's
thoughts of relocating the national event come up every year at this
time. As a member of the new Board my feelings on Celina are pretty
solid in the camp of keeping it there until such time one or more of
the following occur:

A) The club has sufficient funds to move the event which now is a
very minimal expense.
B) Attendance at Celina declines to a level that spawns
relocation of the event.
C) We are no longer welcome in Celina which is unlikely given
our current status.
D) Some nicer location offers as good or a better gig than we
currently have at Celina.

For the sake of perspective and in keeping the national swim-in event
(s) within the confines of the most populous regions I respectfully
list the top 12 most densely populated member states below:

Michigan 35
California 27
Wisconsin 24
Minnesota 20
New York 18
Florida 15
Illinois 15
Washington 14
Ohio 13
Indiana 12
Texas 11
Massachusetts 10

Now on a more hypothetical stance let me list some of the criteria I
would envision for moving our national event and/or creating
additional event(s):

1) Reasonably close to an airport
2) Relatively large body of fresh water with multiple access
ramps and or beaches
3) Plenty of accommodations (hotels, motels, camping, RV sites,
4) Centrally located to accommodate the maximum density of club
5) Sufficient activities/amenities to keep members occupied
between swims
6) A fair price for a weekend's worth of fun in the sun

Do such places exist? I believe they do and they are dotted
throughout the lower 48 states and perhaps in Canada. Will this be a
topic discussed at the board meeting? Yes, along with a dozen other
things on our agenda. Of course our decisions will be made public
and publish in the upcoming newsletter. For those of you pondering
the fate of next year, Celina 2006, I believe it is a safe assumption
that unless something occurs from the A, B, C, or D items listed
above that we'll be there again but with some new activities and all
sorts of fine finned fun for all our aqueous amigos. But hey, this
is just one man's humble opinion and after all, it is YOUR club and
your voices need to be heard. The IAOC Board is chartered to do its
best to give you the best bang for your dues bucks and so your
suggestions, comments, even constructive criticisms are greatly

By the way... at last count we are expecting between 53 ? 57
Amphicars, nearly 180 amphibians, and 3 confirmed major media
representatives in Celina this weekend. Sounds like a party to me.

Thanks for reading.
Be well, swim safe.

John Edelstein (aka Amphipoda)