Those Rear Hub Seals (Again)


John Friese

I talked to Hugh Gordon yesterday about the orientation of the rear
hub seals. He said that the "correct" orientation is to have the
spring side OUT on both of them. To put the spring side IN on the
outer seal may keep the grease from getting on the brakes but it
jeopardizes the outer ball bearing by allowing water to get in more
easily. To combat getting grease on the brakes, he is careful to use
little grease and to stop the grease flow when he hears the first
little sputtering pop sound, which I assume is the first grease
getting past the seals.

John Friese

<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2">In my previous lifetime spent as an auto mechanic when installing seals, the spring always went toward the fluid you were intending to seal off. If the springs on two seals both face the same way those seals would act as a double seal. I have found two different configurations on each side of my 63. This would leave me to believe one side is correct and one is incorrect or both sides are incorrect. But since Amphi is parked till spring I won't worry about mine till then. As for our other problem, maybe a proper title for Dave is HWMIC (Head Wave Master In Charge) just for fun!

Tim Wick white 63</font>