This starter is not right!


Amphicar Expert
> Can anyone reference the exact model of British Starter they have bought
> that works for the Amphicars?
> Is it true you need to pound out some sheet metal for these to fits?

Hell no !

Any starter from any Triumph Spitfire from 1962 to about 1974 will be fine
unless some muppet has rebuilt it wrong !
Remember you do need to fit the alloy spacer plate - but that should be
there unless you are rebuilding an engine from bits.

Part numbers for the Triumph / Leyland /BMC /Rover part are GEU9405 and
GEU4405 First of those is the original Lucas the second is a cheaper
alternative but both fit and work fine and shouldn't give any problems. They
are cheap, around $40 outright here.

They are slightly different lengths, the original Triumph / Amphicar ones
had slip ring covers but the all in one that are about half an inch shorter
were fitted from about 1965, same part number and fit and work the same.

Some of the very last (1979) Triumphs had pre engaged starters but they look
totally different.

David C


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British Parts Northwest( sells a brand new Spitfire starter for $99 that works great in Amphicar. Part number S3512N. :045: