Thinking of selling... :-(


Craig Taylor

Hey gang... I'm thinking about selling the Amphi. I have the opertunity
to purchase a vehicle that I have been looking for for quite some time.
Its a 71 Ford Bronco. Doesn't sound like much tell you realize this
particular rig was in my family before. My dad purchased it new in 71,
he's first new rig. I was four years old at the time and can remember
leaving the dealier when we took deleavery. I learned to drive in that
truck and had alot of good memeries from it. I've always wondered what
happened to it. Dad traided it in after 14 years of ownership. Well I
came across it last week. It is in perfic condition. Just like it
rooled off the showroom floor. I haven't seen this truck in 18 years.
It still has the original blue OR plates it got in 71... Tough part is
I may need to sell the Amphi to get it. This is killing me guys... :-(
Just thought I'd vent and let you know the deamons I'm wrestling with...

Craig in Alaska
Red 66