they started with car # 100001

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> I really hate to start this one again, but there is a significant
> contingent
> of owners who still do not think this numbering scheme makes any sense at
> all..... If this was the case they could never build more than 1000 cars
> in
> any one year. I think they were certainly hoping to build more than 1000
> per year. I still believe strongly that his VIN just means it was the
> 196th
> built regardless of year....
> Oh well
> Gary Schulz

Yep Gary,
I think you are correct.
We have car #100289. I call it "car # 289." It makes sense in those simpler
times they started with car # 100001. Remember these decisions were made in
1958 or 59. Gord Souter had cars with very low VIN numbers like 100034 and I
think there is one club member with a VIN number lower than that.
If my recollection is correct during one of our marathon phone calls Hugh
told me that Amphicars first run of windshields was 24,000 windshield. If
their plans were to make less than 1000 cars a year I doubt they would have a
24 year supply in advance.
I think I remember that the European Amphis started with car #104001.
We have VIN # 106524216 (104216). It is a 1968 and I would think it is the
216th car built NOT intended to be sold in the US or Canada.
No matter how much I think about the 3rd digit being the year made I just
don't get it.
I guess we will never know, but I bet we talk about it from time to time.
What do you all think?
Tommy in Tampa
'64, & '68

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I have never heard mentioned the date codes which is stamped between the lug holes on Amphicar rims. All 5 of my rims are 8/61. August 1961 which should be right for car #218 The 1371 also stamped on the rim must be a part number? Everyone go check your rim dates!