There is room for two of us.



Being an Amphicar owner has its advantages, but as with any
prosperity there is a down side to amphibious bliss. You see, things
have changed around our house since adopting the Amphicar into our
family. Things are great with me, it is everyone else who seem to be
harboring contrasting feelings. However after quietly contemplating
our predicament while on a moonlight swim, me and Amphi have prepared
a statement of penitence.

- Sorry for using all the "good" shampoo. Amphi prefers the aloe
vera kind and it leaves that fresh clean smell in her bilge.

- We appologize for "borrowing" a few cases Uncle Fritz's German
bottled water but the radiator really cools better with the
Apollinaris brand of water from the Ahr valley.

- It was truely unintentional that we "ruined" Grandma Windsor's
antique towels. I had no idea Amphi had so much grease on the bottom
of her hull.

- Our motives were never to max out the credit card, mortgage the
house and drain the college fund. In fact now we know to stop having
parts shipped overnight.

- Amphi never ment for the paint job on our new Minivan to fade so
fast. Plans for her own garage are in the works.

- The neighbors will stop looking at us funny because I will not use
the "rooster call" alarm clock any more when I decide to sleep next
to Amphi with the garage door open.

- I never ment for our social and love life to suffer as it has. I
promise after this next replacement part Amphi will not need any more

A repentant Amphicar Owner