There are still rooms at Mt. Dora for us.

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ahite@Charleston.Net writes:

> There are no more rooms at the Inn on the Green in Mt. Dora. If anyone
> has changed their mind about going let me know. I could use the room.
> Arnold and Sharon Hite

Arnold - Everyone I just spoke to the Inn On The Green. They still have six
Amphicar rooms saved for us "Amphi People" You gotta tell them your with the
Amphicar group. These may be the only rooms left for this event, so you better
get them soon. I got Mine. Tommy in Tampa

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Larry & Nancy Solheim

We've got ours too, Tommy. Left the nasty PacNW snow
this midday, heading south/southeast! Looking forward
to seeing you (& Lynne & all) there.

--Larry & Nancy

--- wrote:
.....[SNIP] I got Mine. Tommy in Tampa

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