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The Water We Drink & Amphi

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When at a restaurant in San Diego we have
to actually ask for water. I did ask and did
receive a glass of water. Deep in contemplation
I pondered the water... the water that which
gives Amphi his playground. Literally the water
Amphi frolics in every weekend. Lake Miramar
is the water supply for a large portion of Northern
San Diego county, including the cheesy Mexican
restaurant in which I formulated these thoughts.
So here before me, a cool refreshing glass of iced
water, something Amphi and I played in perhaps
yesterday, perhaps last week, perhaps last month.
On a molecular level there are undoubtedly trace
elements of Amphi in this very glass of ice water.
For that matter, a part of Amphi dwells in every
glass of ice water on every table in this cheesy
Mexican restaurant. And in all the iced drinks as
well - Margaritas, Mai-Tais, and Panty Rippers
to name a few. I reckon Amphi's molecules are,
and have been, ingested by my fellow San Diegians
for the better part of 3 years now. That's pretty
awesome when you stop to think about it - a part
of Amphi is in me, in Mermaid, and in pretty much
everyone we know, assuming they don't drink and
bath in bottled water all the time. Now I'm thinking
here could be a great way to boost the Amphicar Club
funds with the sale of "Amphi Water." No doubt my
fine finned friends you are all well aware that bottled
water is more expensive than gasoline and could be
a tremendous financal & public relations boost for
our little club. I've even come up with the perfect
sales slogan...

Are you ready?

Okay, here it is...

"Amphi Water - Pure and Straight from the Bilge to You!"

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

PS - Bilgemaster, that was an excellent call on the
Amphi music - the Talking Heads song "Take me
to the River" is one of my favorites. Anyone remember
who did that little beauty "6 Months in a Leaky Boat"?
That too is a sweet tune - especially if you bilge often!


Anyone remember
>who did that little beauty "6 Months in a Leaky Boat"?
>That too is a sweet tune - especially if you bilge often!

"Six Months in a Leaky Boat" is by Split Enz, off the album "Time and Tide,"
1982. I bought that album brand new, but with the demise of record players,
and their associated replacement parts, can no longer play it. Too bad.
Got to find a cassette of it or CD I guess. Good song, though, all of them.


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