The Time Has Come ... Selling the Amphi


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"If you want to make God Laugh, tell him your plans." .....

Bottom line, time has come to sell my Amphi.

About 20 years ago I saw a car that looked like a boat in the now defunct Gast Museum. I knew then that I had to have one and a few months later I did. It has been a great adventure, led to the creation of these forums, created lots of wonderful friendships, defined my identity, etc. Especially after fully restoring it, I figured Amphi would be a keeper and my kids would someday ,either fight over it or sell to buy whatever the trendy thing is in the future. Reality is that life does not always go to plan (no worries, all is good, just at a different place). That great pharma IT career got outsourced to India many years ago so peak earnings, bonuses and options are a thing of the past, 2nd kid starts school this year and as she is pursuing a 6 year DPT program I see lots of tuition bills in the future, we also have our (surprise) 6 year old who I adore but he is another expense at around the time most people are considering retirement. Time is also hard to come by, I had Amphi in the water this month for the first time in 3-4 (maybe longer) years now.

I will have to post some newer photos in the next week. She is essentially in the same great shape she was when Dave the Wave restored her a few years ago. She has sat under a car cover in my garage since then and has maybe gone swimming 5 times. She was fully disassembled, body completely done, engine and trans rebuilt, new interior, new wiring harness, tons of new parts. The only things I have had to do since are a battery post clamp, battery (AGM), radiator cap and oil changes / lube. You can see pics here (I actually think that other than last week, this was her last trip in the water).

There are also gallery pics of the restoration in progress.

Now, some people may be asking, "What will happen to the forums if Mike is Amphiless". No worries. For some time I have been thinking about handing the forums over to the IAOC. Afterall, I am not getting any younger so can not run it forever. I know the IAOC is planning to rework the IAOC web site perhaps it becomes a CMS (content management system) integrated with the forum. In any event, it will continue and I will ensure it gets transitioned to good hands.

If you, or anyone is interested, let me know. I have not determined price yet but it will be market correct for a fully restored, turn-key Amphi in excellent condition. Thus, while I do not expect to make a Barett-Jackson level killing, I am not looking to fire-sale it either.


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Oh no, say it ain't so. We all owe a debt of gratitude to you for all your fine efforts over the years in creating and maintaining this forum. You've made it easy for us to communicate technical issues and helped facilitate many friendships.

Hope all goes well and this works out best for you and your family. Times change and things come around. A while back I sold my airplane for some of the reasons you state. After several years of regretting that decision I realize now it would have been more economical to have kept what I had than to buy the replacement I now own. Some things are part of our DNA and worth keeping.

See you around and thanks again for all you've done.

All the best,


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Mike, I can't say thank you enough for all the work you've put in for the club. This list is wonderful. Life takes different directions and turns for us all from time to time. We all still young, (at least in our minds, right!) hopefully you'll be swimming again in the future. Please stay connected.
All the best,

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Looks like I may be "saving" the Amphi afterall. My oldest son, who is now working, asked if he can buy it. Of course it is at a substantial discount with a "payment plan" but it keeps it in the family which is something I always hoped for.
That would be great to be able to pass it on! You sold the Cutlass wagon too?


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Hi Dave.

Agree. I always wanted my oldest to get the Amphi so this is a win-win.

Yes, I sold the Vista Cruiser about 2 years ago. I think part of getting older is distinguishing between the things you own and those that own you.

At this point I am down to the Amphi and the Porsche 914. I actually drive the 914 often in nice weather. It is in incredible original condition. I do hope to hang on to that one, they have gone up in value quite a bit in the past few years, it can eventually go to my youngest son!
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