The sweet smell of bilge


Marty & Caryl

I just came in from moving things from around Amphi and rolling her
to the center of the garage and dusting her off, then the best of the
first of the season, I opened the door, popped my head in and inhaled
a good deep breath?ahhhhhhhhhhh, the sweet smell only a car with a
bilge can have.

The Anchor Inn in beautiful Newville, WI is holding its annual break
in the weather party Saturday where many folks join in the fun by the
Rock River and party, jump in the wintry water and try to get their
first tan. It may be in the low 50's if we're lucky. I have the
battery on charge and will give our Aqua-car a bath, check the oils
and do a grease job B4 starting her up and going for a test ride.

Have a good weekend,
Marty & Caryl