The power of the Amphicar


Ed Howard

Yesterday I was out in front of my house washing my regular car when,
to my surprise, the teenage neighbor boy starts walking towards me.

The reason that this would be surprise to me is that this next door
neighbor is a VERY, VERY shy, quiet, and private Oriental family that
I have probably said hello to not more than five times in the FIFTEEN
years that I have lived next door to them. I actually don't really
even know their last names, and their English is halted.

Basically, they are like "Boo Raddley" in the old "To Kill a
Mockingbird" movie.

So he walks right up to me, says hello, and proceeds to tell me that
he just returned from visiting Europe and Amsterdam, and thought that
I would like this postcard.

Then he hands me the postcard, and it's a beautiful shot of a red
Amphicar cruising through the canals of Amsterdam!!

Ah, the power of the Amphicar to bring strangers together in

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Ed Howard
Orange County, CA
1948 Playboy
1957 BMW Isetta
1964 Amphicar
1967 Sunbeam Alpine