The passing of Dave Manthey "Munch Man"

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Dave had a "gripper" and died. The first time I met him , We realized we were twins from different Mothers. I thought I had some good real life stories but He beat Me hands down. Riding his Munch motorcycle through the Alps and nearly freezing to death. Eating bugs in Madagascar. He had a zest for living. Always lifting Me up when down. And his goofy line "Stay smooth." His death made Me stop and reflect on how unbelievably lucky I am. because of the Amphicar I have been able to make great great friends. His death saddens Me tremendously but because of it I appreciate all of You more.


Yes, he also had a saying "Life is good!' I sold him his first Amphi & got a Messerschmitt in trade!! Glad to have known him!! He will be missed. Tom


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I also knew Dave, and he was quite the man. I never saw him in a bad mood, he was a really great guy. I will miss him as well, and I am truly sorry to hear of his death.

As Dave would say "Life is Good", and I have adopted this phrase as well.

Can you send me an email regarding the detail of his passing.