The new 64


David Derer

After much anticipation. And way to many bilgeing snow storms. The new
red 64 has arrived. I did try to pre-sell but no gamblers out there but
me. Its unbelievable how rust free and straight both doors, hood and
engine cover is. I have to talk to my banker Eric but I think this is
the Brown Wonder replacement. I just have a hard time with that concept.
It looks like red 66 will have a new home soon. Thanks for all the
offers including the real low ones. It never hurts to try! Even with
stock market the Amphis seem to be floating well. It may not be as hot
as last year but small growth is better than big loss. Plus it has been
winter for five bilgeing months!!! Viva Spring Valley Swim with Dave the
Wave! So far six preregistered. Dash plaques! Surprise give-away! Make a
call and come on over! May 19th. 815 849 5498. Later Dave I Think I am
Always Too Excited Wave. Viva Celina! Almost forgot! I love a calendar
that has ME in it! It was worth the wait. I really like Billy's splash
pics.Thanks Amphipoda for sending those shots in.