The Little Napoleon Syndrome


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> Again I fail to see how stereotyping a particular
> group, or any of this relates to Amphicars, or is appropriate on this list.
> Gary

Gary, I think you need to reread my posting. In no way did I stereotype a
particular group. Human nature was my topic. If the list postings were
limited only how to turn a bolt on an Amphicar the list would soon die. There
is not a nut, bolt, fluid, cable or condition that we have not discussed more
than once. If you find the postings disconcerting perhaps you should consult
the archives only. We who have been contributing to this list for years
understand that there is more to this list than just nuts and bolts. We do
have a very qualified list moderator but I did not think it was you. Take it
easy Gary, don't forget this is supposed to be fun. Tommy in Tampa

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