The Little Napolean Syndrome


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> Yes,
> As in any profession there is a small minority that does not represent
> their profession in a positive manner. Its always the one out of a hundred
> that makes an impression when they do something that is seen in a negative
> light. Whether it be in law enforcement, or any other profession. And yes
> many volunteer EMS and Firemen rush to a scene where they hear someone is
> in
> trouble. Again maybe there is one or a couple in that hundred of
> responders
> who gets a personal rush out of it.

Police Officer-NJ

Hi Gary and all, There is a condition that occurs and it is actually called
"The Little Napoleon Syndrome." It is a thing that happens to people that
have power thrust upon them. People that start at the bottom and find
themselves in charge suddenly. This is a very BIG problem in a factory
setting. People that have been great as team players go through a Jekyll and
Hyde thing when they are put in charge. Sadly a few park rangers / police
Officers will suffer this also. Hey were all human. Tommy in Tampa

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