The list breaks the 250 mark!

Countdown Clock to Amphicar Forums Shutdown



A new record for Celina, a new record for the list.

We always seem to pick up a few new list subscribers following
Celina. The latest surge has brought us up to 254 subscribers.
Welcome to all newcomers.

As noted earlier, even though this was my first trip to Celina I
felt like I was going to a gathering of 200+ friends. If this list
has helped make the Amphi experience more enjoyable for everyone
then I am a happy camper.

New subscribers should note that you can change your setting in
Yahoogroups to receive the digest format instead of individual
messages. The digest provides you with a single daily e-mail
containing all list traffic from the past 24 hours. This keeps your
mailbox from filling up with lots of individual messages. On the
other hand, the true die-hard Amphi fans want their Amphi news in
real time and seem to prefer individual messages. If you have
troube changing modes just drop me a note.

Best Regards,

Mike Israel
65 Amphi (white)
List/Digest Admin