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A quick observation from a newbie...
I've been into cars all my life and my job is restoring vehicles, so
I deal with cars/ trucks day in and day out (job and hobby). I have a
lot of cars (don't get the wrong idea, I built most of them from
basket cases, I don't have a fat wad of cash) and I have been
involved with clubs from dune buggies to Mustangs.
In those dealings the "club" aspect of the buggy or the Land Rover
was always a pain in the butt. Political stuff would always come up,
or the club would be such a small group that new people were welcomed
for dues, but not welcomed into the "inner circle", and some clubs
had so many rules for chat rooms and such that it just made the
entire experience no fun at all (as in tell ajoke and you get flamed
for being "off topic".
I have to say that this group is the coolest, and I'm not saying that
so you all get big heads, but the mix of jokes, technical information
and such is right on. The club web site has more real information
than almost any other car brand I have been involved with, the
newsletter comes out and you actually get one (you'd be amazed the
clubs I have joined and then you rarely if ever see a newsletter) and
even through this list I was able to find my Amphicar. Just wanted to
say how nice it has been, even for a newbie to these cars, and what a
difference it is from other clubs I have been involved with.
Way cool.

Mike Smith

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