The last hold out?



The last hold out?

I have done the unthinkable to
Amphi. I actually drilled 2
small holes in him and he was
pissed like a wet hornet. Why
do it you ask? Call it peer
pressure or common sense, I don't
rightly know for sure. I swore
I'd never do that to him but after
Celina and seeing my Amphibious
brother Steve R. go through
hardship with his Amphi? I finally
acquiesced and did the deed. Oh
sure, I'd heard the rumors and read
the rave reviews but I was to be
one, if not the last, hold out not
knowing what a fool I'd been. Yes
my fine finned friends, I've finally
installed the Vondracek steering box
brace. Oh my GAWD what a difference
it has made in handling. Better than
new shocks, even better than radial
new tires, but not better than correct
tire pressure. I am now a convert, a
believer, and a sworn citizen of the
steering box brace community. Be it
the Rob Vondracek brace or an equivalent,
do the deed my aqueous amigos and enjoy
the superior handling of the Amphi sport
roadster. Note: steering does not
noticeably improve in the water and I am not
getting any kickbacks whatsofreakingever
from Rob V. Just thought you'd like to
know. Be well, swim safe.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA