The IAOC's Information "Policy"

Ed Price

Now might be as good a time as any to mention the IAOC's "policy" about
Amphicar data. I use the term "policy" in quotes, because we never had a
written guide; we always thought common sense and politeness was enough, and
we hope it still is.

You are reading this on the ALD, a resource solely administered by Mike
Israel. The ALD and the IAOC are completely separate entities, so being a
member of the ALD does not provide you with the resources of the IAOC. (I'll
post a description of the IAOC for those new ALD members; I typical post
this every couple of months or so.)

The IAOC is a member-supported club that exists solely for the betterment of
Amphicars and their owners. We try to help the Amphi community in general,
but we must put the interests of our members first. We charge US$30 for a
year's membership, and one of the club benefits is unlimited access to the
IAOC Technical Library. This Library has been compiled from various sources
(scans of old shop manuals, donations from other car clubs, submissions of
original or enhanced work like Tom's recent colored schematic).

The Library will accept any addition of resources from members or
non-members. If you want to do a favor for your fellow amphibians, now and
in the future, donate your information to the IAOC Library.

Ed Price
El Cajon, CA USA
1961 Amphicar
1987 MB 420SEL