The Highly Coveted Annual Amphipoda Award...

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  1. Amphipoda San Diego

    It?s that time of the year again. Some may recall
    last year around this time I solicited for input and
    candidates for the annual Amphipoda Award. Last year
    this award was given to Hugh Gordon of Gordon Imports
    during the 2000 Celina Swim-In for his heroic efforts
    in keeping the Amphicar dream alive and providing us
    with replacement parts and FREE advice. {In case you
    missed last years Annual Amphipoda Award Ceremony
    (drunk-n-passed out somewhere) I have copied the
    presentation speech below.} At this time I am
    soliciting your votes and input for this year?s second
    annual highly coveted Amphipoda Award. The award
    committee (namely me) is eagerly awaiting any and all
    nominees... and you don?t have to be present to win,
    but it would sure make it more fun. So take a moment
    and cast a vote care of

    As promised... last year?s Award Speech;
    My Fellow Amphibians...Those of you who know me, or
    know of my Escribe contributions under the name
    Amphipoda, know that I on rare occasions tend to
    embellish just a little. In this case, honoring this
    special individual, it makes no sense to stretch the
    truth.... we, the amphibious population of the
    automobile world all know that we would not be here
    today if not for this individual and his tireless
    efforts to keep us afloat.

    I first encountered this gentleman when I was looking
    to buy an Amphicar, he provided helpful insights and
    immediately sent me the parts catalog which I, to this
    day, keep under my pillow awaiting the next revision.
    Later after I purchased an Amphi, our paths crossed
    several times and my phone bill climbed to new
    heights. His free advice, outstanding guidance, and
    limitless Amphi wisdom comes from over 20 years of
    service in the Amphibious world. Because of his
    tireless efforts we continue to be able to float and
    drive our Amphicars. Without this special person in
    our lives we would not be amphibians and would be mere
    mortals scurrying about on the shore with cheap rubber
    rafts fantasizing about rolling splash entries. But
    due to this man and his dream, his vision, of keeping
    the Amphicar alive - we are here today.

    This is the guy you call when your Amphicar needs
    parts or you need Amphicar repair advice, or you just
    wanna run up your phone bill talking about moral &
    ethical dilemmas in a decaying geo-political society.

    A man whose Amphi gills (I mean Amphi bills) span the
    entire globe...

    My fine finned friends... I give you the Amphibian of
    the Year 2000, winner of this year?s Amphipoda
    Award... Hugh Gordon of Gordon Imports


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