The Gremlins have left the building

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Our Amphi is sea worthy again. The SIMPLE process of replacing our
muffler has only taken 5 days. We finished up last night after
replacing the accelerator cable which had mysteriously become frozen
during the muffler fun. With all the seats and floor board out, the
bilge area didn't look too bad, we didn't find any tools or money down
there either. The cable went in easily except for the pin that
attaches the cable fork to the pedal bracket being the wrong size,
grind, grind, buff, buff.

It just wouldn't be right to do a job and be finished, no the Domino
Gremlins have to have their fun too, we fed them well until they
decided they had enough fun and moved on down the street.

Lake Geneva, here we come,

Marty & Caryl
64 Turq