The Eagles Lodge... the eagle has landed (part 4 of 10)

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    After lake festival fireworks ended, or so we
    thought, Al, Debra, Mermaid & I were ferried
    via the Great Horned Texas Amphi to the Eagles
    Lodge. There we were greeted by a parking lot
    full of semi sober amphibians and the full spectrum
    of Amphicars all nicely lined up on display. How
    often can one see such an Amphi spectacle before
    the shear marvel of it wears off? Bilging never I
    reckon! Once settled in with frosty amber beverages
    we mingled, compared, swapped stories, and I also
    gathered even more Hugh plaque signatures despite
    and in between the drizzles of rain. Then it began?
    Billy, Al, Mark, Dave, and others achieving speeds of?
    well, I'm not sure really, but really damn fast and in
    either 3rd or 4th gear and these crazed amphibians
    were going down the friggin' boat ramp and into
    the water!!! SPLASH? SPLASH ? SPLASH.
    Next thing I know I'm in the passenger seat of Billy's
    Amphi and he's got "the LOOK" in his eyes, the look
    of hang on cause we're going in terribly FAST.
    WHAM- KA-SPLASH- and then at that moment
    we are doing an intense water wheelie - like the
    engine is going under, (see photo on new digest
    posting #66 titled "Billy's Splash"). Then the
    inevitable backwash came in and OVER the rear
    deck and into the front seat. Green Celina lake
    water permeating my deepest pores. My freshly
    purchased Fruit-of-the-Looms now stained green.
    Yes, only green? not brown!? not yet anyway!
    That my fine finned friends is another story -
    part 5 where I divulge how I nearly sunk Dave
    the Waves Brown Wonder. Anyway, thanks Billy?
    I loved every minute of it. Hope to meet Randy
    at next year's event.

    '64 Turquoise
    San Diego
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