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Interesting article on how automotive forums (like this one) seem to be dying. A recent move by photobucket has killed off years of archived material in many forums, a while back Google disabled the option to limit searches to forums and discussions.

The amphicar forum has become an approximate 20 year archive of Amphicar information. Software updates and additions for things like integrated photo gallery, search, etc. Will hopefully keep it that way for future generations. Sure, there are things like Facebook that some have moved to but that is like replacing a library with tweets. Keep in mind that it is your contributions of both content and financial donations that have kept this effort afloat all these years. It started for selfish reasons, I needed answers about the strange boat car I had purchased and there was not much out there.

At some point I will likely hand the forums over to the IAOC. Like the rest of us, I am not getting any younger.

Do what you can to keep this and the other forums you use alive. Donations help but of even greater value is your continued contribution of content and engagement.



Jon March

This is a great post via thoughtful and generous administrator who really cares.

My opinion – the forum is hey peerless platform for our needs and hope it continues as it's done

That said, I certainly triy to do my part to keep people engaged and the pot well stirred !!


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Thanks, Mike !

I am brand new on this forum and i want to learn something about restoring Amphicar.

Also, i would maybe sell my Amphicar as is, keeping its original Patina ...

Please help me to present my Amphicar to anyone interested...

Good Luck to all Amphicar owners !

Jon March

youll get rge best replies with really detailed pics-especially closeups of all trouble spots that need work---rust, etc

(PS- Start a new thread about the car with your pics , so this thread can continue talking about the original topic of forums vs facebook vs photobucket , etc)