The countdown begins...



...Amphipoda on TLC's Junkyard Mega Wars ultimate episode
called the Great Race. This is a 3 hour special on
September 8th, 2004 in which four teams must build & modify
the same vehicles to jump logs, buggy through sand, and SWIM
ACROSS THE COLORADO RIVER! Mine is only a brief "stunt
double" splash entry, but if you've never gone in the
water at 40 mph into a fast flowing river then maybe
you might want to tune in. Should be good for a laugh!
Also, not all the teams make it across and one team
actually SINKS!

Be well, swim safe.
Swim more in 2004!

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

PS. So where are all the Celina Moose Lodge Mermaid
wannabees photos posted/hidden?

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