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Howdy all,

I took my Amphicar for its first swim today.

Bought in March after years of looking (on & off) - studiously working all weekends since.

Awesome fun.

Other than on Youtube.....I hadn't seen one on the water before.

No leaks to speak off. Fair bit of heat in the engine bay, but I've done a "search" and I'll utilise many of the suggested enhancements.

I've attached some photos (Perth, Western Australia)




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Were just getting ready to put our cars away for the cold spell and your just beginning with hotter air, correct?
Yes engine pods get very hot and any openings into passenger compartment will transfer heat to rear seat passengers, make sure all holes are sealed,
I have kits that fill the under rear seat with a fibreglass CHIP and heat/soundproofing. material.,
It is too large to ship cost wise.(keep stock here in Ontario and in Florida.)
We also do things like insulate the fuel lines, muffler, engine sheild on carb, insulate body outer panels.and install a manual electric fuel pump to overcome vapour lock(fuel evaperation)sound proffing.jpg

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