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    Having the Annual Amphipoda Award plaque
    made and the bloke behind the counter is just
    busting to ask me what on earth I'm up to.
    Given I don't want to spill the proverbial beans
    here on our little message board I can't divulge
    exactly what I'm mounting for whom, but I did
    tell him it's part of an Amphicar. He did not
    get it at first, so I repeated myself a time or two.
    So this guy, a portly mid 50's hippie dude, takes
    a step and stagers back and then mouths the letters
    A-M-P-H-I-C-A-R. It was obvious this gentleman
    has been too close to the engraving dust for far
    too long. Then a light went on in his head and he
    had total recall... yes my fine finned friends - my
    local plaque & award shop keeper is (or was) one
    of us! A former owner of a 67 White Amphi who,
    back in the psychedelic 60's, took great pride in
    consuming mass quantities of illicit drugs and
    washing them down with John Daniel's* whiskey
    while floating a flotilla of young partially clad
    ladies in his little white Amphi. Now it was my
    turn to staggered back a few steps having been
    overwhelmed the visual picture he portrayed.
    After I recovered I asked about his Amphi.
    Sadly he said his Amphi sank out from under
    him one day and is believed to be part of the
    coral reef off the coast of Los Angles. As you
    might imagine he neglected to maintain his hull
    (or the contents of his skull for that matter). Not
    a happy ending really, but an interesting tale none
    the less. Anyway, the second Annual Amphipoda
    Award is a done deal and needs only to be
    presented to its rightful recipient. If you are
    attending Celina 2001 then you too will see this
    magnificent award, the Annual Amphipoda
    Award, presented to the Amphibian of the Year
    2001. Could be good for a laugh or two.

    `64 Turquoise
    San Diego, CA

    * I also inquired about the award-n-plaque dudes
    reference to "John Daniel's Whiskey." I fell for
    it with both fins... He said he knew Jack Daniel's
    so well that they were on a first name basis. Doh!

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