The Amphicar market


Cap''n John

I am dumbfounded at the lack of real interest in the Amphi I had on
eBay (it got over 3100+ hits 1st time and 2800+ 2nd time). This is a
nice car and priced below what it should have brought. I am not
willing to give it away, but it seems nobody was interested. Hummm...

Has the market gone away? What are your thoughts?


Eric Mattlin

I've been watching the market with varying levels of interest over
the years. I have a belief that the market for convertibles goes
down towards winter and then back up in the spring.

There might also be something going on with the economy in your
experience. I know I'd be hesitant to buy another big ticket toy
these days with layoffs starting at my company today.

Dave had trouble last year with a Red 66. That car was incredible
and has since won a First Prize in California. If I were you, I'd
hold onto it until March are try again. Antiques seem to be seasonal.

--- In amphicar-lovers@y..., "Cap'n John" <minnow@a...> wrote:
> I am dumbfounded at the lack of real interest in the Amphi I had on
> eBay (it got over 3100+ hits 1st time and 2800+ 2nd time). This is
> nice car and priced below what it should have brought. I am not
> willing to give it away, but it seems nobody was interested.
> Has the market gone away? What are your thoughts?
> John

Mike Israel

I think there are a number of factors at work here:

1) It is a seasonal thing. There is always a better
market for convertibles, motorcycles, and boats in
Springtime. People feel that unless they can get a
once in a lifetime deal, why purchase something only
to store it for 6 months.

2) The economy. With both large and small companies
doin massive layoffs people are a bit reluctant to
purchase high dollar toys. Amphi is also a victim of
the stock market as much as anything else. Not that
long ago buying an Amphi was as simple as cashing in
some options (taht is what I did). These days those
options are all under water.

3) Restoration and parts. The collector section in
Autoweek was recently noting that the market has
become very selective. I do not know the condition of
your Amphi but it seems that only the very finest cars
are drawing top dollar while beaters and drivers are
either flat or falling. The cost of both parts and
labor for restoring antique cars has really
skyrocketed. Mechanics have been replaced by
technicians. The cost of making a car right can
easily exceed the fully restored value of the car
itself. People are very hesitant to get into
"restoration projects".

For the time being the best advice might be to wait
until Springtime.

Mike Israel
65 Amphi (white)
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> Has the market gone away? What are your thoughts?

It's clear: Like others have already pointed out, the 'Amphicar
Market' is dramatically seasonal...rather like motorcycles.

To illustrate this I would only point out that at the height of the
sailing season a couple of months ago I actually had to run a spoof
ad for some days just as a placeholder in the 'Amphicars for Sale'
section of the Club Classifieds for an "Amphibious Mobile Clubhouse"
because there were simply NO Amphicars up for sale. Demand had
temporarily outpaced supply. (By the way, about the spoof you can
still see and the photo at ).

Now that the leaves are turning and falling there are more than a
half dozen Amphicars for sale already up there in the Classifieds,
and by January or February I bet there will be even more. One or
two 'great buys' or lucky 'California sales' might go before the
daffodils bloom, sure, but my forecast based on past experience with
the Club Classifieds and the Amphi-Bazaar before that is that most
will not find new homes until the leaves are again large and green on
the trees.

All other considerations about the economy and slowdowns and
downturns and layoffs aside, it's just the natural order of things:
Winter's a great time to buy an Amphicar, but a lousy time to sell

Frankly Cap'n, I'd forget about further costly eBay auctions,
certainly for the next few months. Instead, start running a free ad
in the Club Classifieds. Anyone seriously looking for a nice project
Amphi like yours in the dead of winter is gonna find it there
anyhow. Be prepared for the fact that you might not get even call
one until April, whatever price you ask, but take comfort in the fact
that you WILL eventually, and probably when the "Amphicar Market"
isn't such a de facto "Distress Sale" for sellers like the coming
cold months will surely be.

Good Luck!
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