The Amphi-zine


Bill Connelly

Charles - does this Amphi-zine belong to a member of the Amphicar club? I
presume you have seen it. Could you send me a picture of it either on line
or via snail mail and I'll pay you any costs. [snip...]


Regrettably Amadeus' "Amphicar: The Web Page from the Great Beyond" website,
the central feature of which was the only online photo I've ever seen of the
Amphicar limousine, or "Amphi-zine", seems to have gone the way of the "Dan
Quayle for President" website all the other "ghost sites" out there (see ) ....The Amphi-zine page has apparently
vanished from the living pulsing aether: ashes to ashes, bytes to bytes.

But fume not inconsolably over this lamentable loss in cyberspace: Thanks to
the good folks steering the "Wayback Machine" at , we can
still see most of the webpage preserved as it was in 1999 by clicking:

Depending on your email program, the above link may need a little cut-n-pase
to fit in your web browser's address window. Sure, there's a little
"bit-rot" here and there of broken photo links that the Wayback Machine
never scooped into its archive servers, but at least you'll get a good
gander at the splendid "Amphi-zine" on a trailer.