The Amazing Amphipoda

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    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, amphibians and landlubbers alike - I
    present to you - - The Amazing Amphipoda.

    Not quite as flowery as Amphipoda's verbose meanderings but "amazing" has to be
    a fairly accurate representation.

    Amphipoda has entertained, enlightened, inspired and impressed us all at one
    time or another. His prolific and sometimes relentless writings appear with
    regularity. I, for one, am always excited to read yet another Amphipod
    exploit. How does he experience such adventures on every outing? Must be a
    personality trait that attracts everything interesting his way. Kinda like the
    beach attracting beach fleas. Then again, a beach flea IS of the order

    This letter of recognition - and appreciation - is something I attempted to do
    almost a year ago. I was so impressed with Amphipoda's writings, that I printed
    out all 100 plus articles and stuck them in a 3-ring binder. I spent most of
    the day downloading and printing. Just think of the time it actually took to
    write them! Searching for "Amphipoda" on our web site produced 482 matches, as
    of today, in which probably half of those hits are original Amphipoda writings.

    My thought was to stand up in front of everyone at the Celina convention and
    make some kind of award speech. Armed with only my 3-ring binder, I felt a
    little silly awarding Amphipoda his own writings. So to make a long story
    short, I chickened out and just gave a hearty thank you to Amphipoda himself -
    along with the binder.

    Thank you again, Amphipoda, for allowing us to vicariously live Amphicars while
    in the comfort of our homes - wishing we were on the lake. You always help to
    make being part of the Amphibious world more enjoyable. Your writings have not
    gone unnoticed because of the countless smiles, smirks, laughs and sighs you
    have put on our faces. You are always more than welcomed on my desktop.

    Ken Chambers
    '64 Amphi

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