That was Fun!


Brian Crombie

Pie ChartsWow! What a run of posts! I needed a good laugh. Thanks Mike for
staying on top of things.
Regarding my water blasting post, thanks all that sent their 2 cents. Rusty (
what a great name for
a media blaster) while your input was appreciated, I still lean in the
direction of a water blast over
media only because it will take care of all the rust. Barring any negative
experience shared by yourself
or anyone else, at this point, it's water. I intend to be present when the
process begins. The blaster
guy has done this on several other cars with no negative results. Including
doors and quarters. For now,
I just need my engine cover blasted. If I'm satisfied, I'll have him spot blast
other parts of the body in
preperation for new paint.

Hope all is well!

Brian Crombie
Faribault, Mn.

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