That New Car Smell...



That New Car Smell...
Newly upholstered seats installed. Whoa...
what a major difference in Amphi's demeanor.
We're riding about 8 inches higher in the
captain's seat. No longer do tiny pebbles
give my groin the bounce-n-shock torture.
With all those broken seat springs replaced
it's like riding in a new car... and it even
has that new car smell. Amphi is so happy
and rides wonderfully quieter in the rear
too,{ultra heavy duty lead lined sound
insulation installed per Steve R.s' hearty
recommendation}. Dunno when I'll
get around to doing the doors and kick
panels or top, but I reckon it'll be soon
now that I can brave the highway with
seats that allow me to see over the dash-

BTW- a recent posting (by Ken C.) hinted at one
of my more infamous postings... so for those new
to the club who are interested in determining
the gender of their Amphi - this can be easily
accomplished by visiting the Escribe archives
web site listed below;

Also like to remind any newbies that it is
imperative to completely halt thy rear
wheels prior to engaging thy propellers.
This includes ANY time you shift the
water tranny forward or reverse, even
when just floating in the icy waters.
Failure to do so will result in an H2O
tranny disorder and expensive medical
bills that your HMO will not cover.

Be well, swim safe.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA