That Amphi Factory Photo...

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    That Amphi Factory Photo...

    Here at work, above my desk, I've framed and
    hung that giant Amphi Factory poster. Do you
    know the one I mean? It's that classic black-n-
    white late 1960's overview of the factory in its
    latter years, (rear fender lips on all the Amphis
    being worked on) in which the photographer (or
    artist), captured the essence of perspective. On
    the right is a long catwalk high above the actual
    production floor, on the left appear various levels
    of part storage and office spaces, above are the
    lights, cranes, and the windows that shine down
    upon our beloved Amphicars. The production
    floor is a maze of in-process Amphis in various
    states of assembly, some on stands, some on the
    floor, and some on rotisseries. And sadly, there
    appears to be only about 3 or 4 actual workers
    (craftsmen) amongst the embryonic Amphicars.
    I for one am glad it's a black-n-white photo, as
    a color version would not convey the depth or
    feeling as well. If time travel is ever legalized
    I will visit the Amphicar factory in its heyday,
    walk about the production floor in search of
    vin # 000915 (my Amphi) and smile with the
    knowledge of the good times had and to come.

    I reckon Hugh Gordon still has a few of these
    classic pictures in stock. Should anyone need
    an instantaneous escape from reality - this is
    the photo I recommend. Anyone have any
    other knowledge or opinions about this gem?

    `64 Turquoise
    San Diego, CA

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