Thanks Tommy!


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You know....the Saturday before Celina I was out on my local lake giving rides toa Chevelle club (those cars don't float) when during the last ride, a guy came running down his boat dock a wavin and a hollerin. I asked the group if we should go and see what all the fuss was about. What the heck, it'll be fun. Well, let me tell you how PROUD I was when we found out.

Turns out, this guy was calling for his daughter to come over from where she was. He was hollering "She's from Celina!, She's from Celina!"

He was so excited to see me and she was too. She reported that she never misses our parade of Amphicars and absolutely loves watching us put on our splash show. She was disappointed that she was going to miss us this year due to her visit with her father ( the man she was with). Can you imagine that 800 miles from home, she was telling me what it means to live in a small town in the middle of the country and the "home" of those quirky little floating cars that come back every year like the birds of Cappastrano?

I have to tell you, it made me feel VERY good that she was happy to see me, but I felt VERY sad that there was talk of moving on. Day in and day out, I grind. Working every day to get the job done so it will bring me one day closer to being back in that little town in the middle of the country where the people come like a mecca to get a glimps of US.

So, Thank You Tommy. Thanks for being the man that you are and I hope that next year I can shake your hand and tell you in person, Thanks.


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