thanks to all


Dave Derer

Thank You so much for all that attended The Third Annual Swim With Dave
The Wave. I posted pics at my site .It was great
fun. The neat thing about the Rock River is its easy access out of river
in case of trouble. And some trouble there was, a few more minutes and
one of the cars would have sank. The car was a "leaker" and its bilge
pump died. Its front end started to even out. Luckily a small ramp was
nearby and he drove out, with water and steam spraying out. All in all
12 cars came out. The California car did just fine. A couple of stripped
screws for water lock let water come in door. So Doug Parsons found roll
of duct tape and I wrapped a towel around head and we remade the Saudi
Arabian picture. I am thinking about next year already. Every year the
swim has moved and I like that. I am going to see about renting out my
favorite motel for next year. Later Dave the Wave


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<font size="4">Thanks to Ron, Bill C. & John for all of the great advise on the float test. I feel like I should study for finals now.</font>
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<font size="4">The Amphicar should be back next week from the shop that is putting on the convertible top. I'll let you know when we're scheduled for the test. I will take pictures & a video. </font>
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<font size="4">Yes, I too can't believe I'm almost going swimming!! It's been a REAL long wait.</font>
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<font size="4">Ina in the Boro</font>