Thanks to all... words of advice...



Thanks to all who answered my call for parts! I only need one waist
molding strip for the rear 1/4 panel and a white top (I hoped
somebody had one sitting they didn't need any more). It need not be
perfect, just presentable.

I finally made the time to go get The Amphicar Extraordinaire out of
storage and get her wet again. This is the 1st time I needed to
store her as I did not have room at my place for it. It felt great
to be on the water if only for a 1/2 hour.

I am just about done disassembling the latest resto down to a bare
hull. The hull bottom is beyond repair (Hugh has them NOS), but the
rest of the car is arrow straight. A word of advice to anyone
storing an Amphi outside (yes even if covered). Be sure the bilge
plug is out and park the car so the front end is uphill to ensure
any water that gets in, drains out of the bilge. Set the front
wheels on blocks if need be. This car was parked nose down and had
lots of pine needles and such in there to hold the moisture. It ate
the bottom away from the foot pedals to the the back of the front
seat. My hand went through it like a wet paper towel. :(

John "Appreciative" Bevins
Rocky Mountain Amphicar