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  1. Thanks for all the details on keeping our little beauty on the trailer
    and doing it right.

    One more thing: I need to change the oil. Do you think the drain plug
    is straight in from the bilge plug hole?????NOOOOOOOOO, it is rear
    about .50 and I can't get at it without damaging the bilge hole
    threads. This is driving me nuts because I'm an oil change fanatic.
    Any Ideas. I thought about sucking the oil out by using the swimming
    pool pump; but I don't think that would be too cool. I need a cool


    Marty Caryl
    64 Turq
  2. Doug Parsons

    Doug Parsons Guest

    If your oil hole is off center odds are that your motor mounts may
    need replaced to. One way you can change it is to use a bilge suction
    pump it is a device that sucks it up through the dip stick area. I
    recieved one courtesy of the Mt Dora swim in (coming up in March make
    your plans now) you can get tese through a marine supply center looks
    like a bicycle pump hooked to a gas can. I also have seen a version
    at pep boys that uses a drill and I think Harbor freight has a
    version also.


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