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Years ago I prayed to God for guidance. I bought a rusty Amphicar. It was not easy and My life was changed forever for the better. In a corn field in a horrible little building... I started building Amphicars. The positive energy. I am a slow learner and so many of you took the time to teach. Many of you taught with out knowing it. Others put in effort to guide me. I try to give back what you taught me with every car I work on. I am Blessed. I Thank You for allowing me to be me. Like Bevins says, They know you and still let you work on their cars!! Later Gator Wave !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DSCN4531.JPG
Your post made me smile...
Thank you for all you do, to help out the Amphicar Community.
We are lucky to have you along for the ride. ;)


Dave, my life would not be the same , had I not met you & Margie! I am blessed to be your friend! Tom!
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