Thank You



i rode/sailed in an amphicar the frist time in 1968 an have wanted to
take the next step as soon as i could so nows the time to find out more

David Derer

I hope the quarters work out as well as expected. They still need some
dolly work. Looking forward to trial install one today. Thanks for such
nice response via phone and email. Later Dave the Wave

David Derer

Need to clarify a couple of things. It may have appeared that I was
getting out of Amphicars. This is not true. We had a health scare and I
am very happy to report Margie is doing excellent. She got hit really
hard with Rhumatoid arthritis, but the prescriptions she is now on are
working perfectly. I was concerned of long term disability and sold My
Amphicar. The Emails, phone calls and cards really really helped Margie.
I can not say Thank You enough. *** No I am not restoring Chrysler K
cars ! Next year I hope to start on BW3- built like Hanns really wanted
it! Just might have 60 Caddy fins too. Later Dave the Wave
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