Thank you from half gassed


Lynne & Tommy

I want to thank everyone especially Doug Parsons and Paul Senior for
their thoughts on my lazy gas gauges. I think both tanks have been
out of the cars as we bought the cars "sorta" restored. Without
disassembling the float,I suspect they are wire wound resistors with
a pickup that moves with the float.In the old days we would have
called this a reastat - nowadays I think there called a
potentiometer. My grandfather would have checked its operation with
his home made test light. The light would glow a little when the tank
was low on fuel and much brighter when full. I will probably check
them with my mini volt/ohm meter on the resistance setting. I think
it will read high resistance with low fuel and low resistance with a
full tank. But no matter how you check them I bet you don't often
find a bad one. I bet both of mine are installed incorrectly. We
shall see.
Tommy in Tampa Red 67 - unnamed
Lynne White 64 - Snappy