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Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by Steve Behnke, Sep 13, 2000.

  1. Steve Behnke

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    Hey Al,

    Is there ANY water left in your lake anymore?

  2. aheath@us.ibm.com

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    > Hey Al,
    > Is there ANY water left in your lake anymore?
    > Steve

    Steve, not much. A few others have asked too, so I put up
    some temporary pictures in the files section under "Texas
    rain, NOT!". I'll delete them in a couple of weeks to free up
    the space.

    Looking at the 5 day forecast, it looks like we will
    definitely be in the middle 80 day count of days since the
    last rain. I'd bet it could well end up being over three
    months since the last rain drop. There's been some rain a few
    miles from here. I understand there's actually water in one
    of the lakes about 50 miles away. We may head down that to
    see what real water looks like again. However, today we did
    manage to crawl over the rocks and get wet. Lake would
    usually be crowded this time of year, but had less than a
    couple dozen boats on the entire lake, or what's left of it,
    as the access is getting tough to find. Some marinas are
    sitting on the bottom mud. Once you manage to "drive" off the
    shoreline in a specially selected spot, it isn't too bad way


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